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In a world adjacent to ours, wars and battles are discussed as dismissively as we discuss the weather. The most bloody of these wars was the one between the Suits Empire and the Zoic Kingdom. It raged on for thirty years before the Zoicians were pushed back into the forest. After the war, the Suits Empire took their captives and forced them to be their slaves, to make life easier for the human nobles. Rain Joker, a born outcast and of noble blood, dreams of being the Ace of Hearts one day. When the current Ace of Hearts is murdered, and she very well may get her chance...if she's willing to fight for her right to rule against every Duke, Lord, and King that comes her way. In a world of betrayal and deceit, who are her enemies? More importantly, who are her friends? Let the games begin...


» Updates on the way!

Thank you all for being so patient. I am ready to continue on with the story. ^u^ I am still improving my style, but I am at a point where I like it. Expect some updates within a week!

» Revampin' my site!

Alrighty! While waiting for access to a scanner, I have updated my characters page so I have most of the characters that I've introduced so far. I'm still debating whether or not to change my background, and wondering what I'd change it to.... Any suggestions?

» This is it!

All right guys! Today is the last day you can submit entries for Rain's new outfit. Tomorrow, I will pick the most sensible outfit for her to be fighting in. ^.^ After that, I will post a new page on Monday!

» Contest is Almost OVER?!!

Oh my gosh! I can't believe how fast time flies...anyway, I've loved the entries so far, but it'll be hard to judge between these three designs. >.< Thank you for your contribution so far, keep tuned, our contest time is almost up! :)
For those who've forgotten (or don't know), the contest ends May 30th.

» New Cover!

Lol! I'm so bored...so! I posted up the cover, isn't it so much better than the other one? :) Anyway, right now I'm uploading some re-draws. Don't get mad! I'm almost done re-drawing.

» :P

Keep an eye on my page today, 'cause I'm pre-scanning updates for the next month or so. If you're lucky, I might just get bored and update today. ;) ANYWAY, violence is coming up, although it is very brief, it is waaaaaay overdue.


ALRIGHT! I finally have a working scanner, so be prepared! I can update! ....And on Friday we find out what happens to the innocent mob. :) See ya!

» Tenten!

Today is a special day, specifically for Tenten. Get it? 2/10/10? :) Still have scanner problems. Bear with me a little longer.

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